Harrison Tan

Harrison Tan

Hasham Esmaıl Pıperdy
Leadership Profile

Harrison Tan

Career Business Leader, Malaysia



Harrison is a Principal and leads Mercer’s Career business in Malaysia. He has been with Mercer for nine years, serving  in various capacities in Sıngapore, China and Malaysia. Harrison joined the firm in 2008, and then under his leadership managed the regional benefits product for Information Solutions business. In 2015, he moved to Kuala Lumpur as the Career Solutions Business Leader for Malaysia. Harrison has extensive experience working with various clients across industries such as automotive, technology, fast-moving consumer goods, government and finance.

Prior to joining Mercer, Harrison worked for a couple of years in an HR capacity with the People’s Association, a stautory board in Sıngapore and Pratt & Whitney Services (aerospace industry).

Harrison holds a Bachelor of Social Science (with honors) from the National University of Singapore.