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Creating a Business Case for Analytics

March 30, 2016
With the ever increasing attention on workforce analytics, many HR professionals are concerned about successfully initiating and implementing workforce analytics within their organization. One way to get started is to focus on creating a clear business case for analytics. A clear articulation of the approach to workforce analytics helps gain stakeholder support as well as increase resources allocated to the analytics cause. At this webinar, join our resident Workforce Analytics Institute (WAI) experts Siddharth Mehta and Caitlin Pan who, along with our guest expert Marcus. Champ from Standard Chartered Bank, will share strategies on how to make a business case for workforce analytics. 

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How to Select the Right Workforce Metrics?

April 26, 2016
To ensure success in workforce analytics initiatives, the appropriate selection and measurement of workforce metrics is very important. Although data sources abound in organizations, not all available data is suited for high quality workforce analytics. HR practitioners need to learn to differentiate between the various workforce metrics and identify the metrics that best fit their needs. At this webinar, join our resident Workforce Analytics Institute (WAI) experts Siddharth Mehta and Caitlin Pan who will share insights and experiences on how to identify and measure key workforce metrics. 

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How to Build and Structure a Workforce Analytics Team

May 26, 2016
It’s one of the greatest challenges facing HR leaders today – how to use workforce management analytics to gain insight into an organization’s business processes and performance. But many companies struggle to identify and build a team around workforce analytics. Join us at this webinar where a panel of experts will share their experience and discuss how organizations should organize their analytics team for the greatest impact, what is the right mix of data visualizers, modelers and business-oriented analysts in the team and, how to find the right talent, engage and retain them. Guest speakers: Joe DeWitt, Director of Workforce Analytics, Micron Technology; Tim Long, Director of Enterprise Data Science, Micron Technology; Steven Yong, Global Lead Workforce Analytics, HSBC

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How to Get Started With Workforce Analytics

August 18, 2015
Many believe that the HR function needs to undergo massive change in order to effectively transform data into information, insight, and action. One of the greatest challenges and opportunities for HR directors is addressing this disconnect between the desire to create evidence-based workforce action and the lack of organizational ability and experience to do this effectively. Knowing where to start, what to measure, and how it can support strategic business decisions can be difficult. At this webinar, our experts will provide a critical introduction to help you achieve your workforce analytics goals.

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What Metrics Should Be Measured

September 9, 2015
To ensure the success of workforce analytics, selecting and measuring appropriate workforce metrics is essential. Data sources abound in organizations; however, not all data are equally credible or viable for workforce analytics. HR practitioners need to learn to distinguish between available workforce metrics. Metrics that are the most readily obtainable or pushed forward by stakeholders may not be not the best suited to the organization’s purpose. At this webinar, our experts will share insights on how to identify and measure key workforce metrics.

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Telling the Story With Data: Gaining Senior-level Support for Workforce Analytics and Planning

October 14, 2015
Workforce analytics and planning are essential capabilities that help create competitive advantage and drive business results. Value is not created from the data (or the analysis), but from what you do with the insights. Companies have mountains of workforce data on who stays, leaves, advances, and performs, and on the reasons why. Harnessing that data to tell a powerful story is the key to assuring action is taken and results achieved. Join our experts to hear real-life case studies of “power storytelling,” and learn tips on how you can engage leaders in an intentional, focused, and high-energy workforce analytics and planning dialogue.

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Guest Speakers

Joe DeWitt
Director of Workforce Analytics, Micron Technology

Tim Long
Director of Enterprise Data Science, Micron Technology

Steven Yong
Global Lead Workforce Analytics, HSBC

Marcus. Champ
HR Analytics Professional

WAI Speakers

Caitlin Pan, PhD 
Senior Researcher, Human Capital, The Conference Board

Caitlin is a senior researcher in the Human Capital division for the Asia region at The Conference Board. She leads research on human capital analytics, and her research interests include leadership, status, and dysfunctional workplace behaviors. Her research has been published in peer-reviewed journals such as Personnel Psychology and Journal of Applied Social Psychology. Caitlin received her doctorate in management (organizational behavior) from New York University’s Stern School of Business, US. She has an MA in socio-organizational psychology from Columbia University, US, and a BSc in psychology and economics from the University of Toronto, Canada.

Sid Mehta
Workforce Planning & Analytics Leader, ASEAN, Mercer 

Sid’s HR and business leadership experience spans corporate and consulting environments in India, Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore. He started his career in compensation consulting with a global HR consulting firm and became the firm’s Australian business practice leader in 2006. In a previous role as an HR business partner, Sid was involved in the integration of a German acquisition that incorporated the US, Brazil, China, and Malaysia. Sid holds a master’s degree in personnel management from the Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, India, and he is currently pursuing a master’s in business analytics from the Stern School of Business at New York University, US.

Dion Groeneweg
HR Transformation & Workforce Planning Leader, Growth Markets, Mercer

Dion is a partner at Mercer and the Growth Markets practice leader for HR transformation and workforce planning. He specializes in formulating and aligning organizations' business and HR strategies, service delivery models, technology, change management, and analytics solutions. Dion has more than 25 years of experience designing and developing human-capital-related solutions for organizations in Asia, North America, Africa, and Australia.