Maximizing the Value of Remuneration Surveys

Maximizing the Value of Remuneration Surveys

Maximizing the Value of Remuneration Surveys

28 October - 29 October 2015  Singapore, Singapore


    • In today’s competitive and volatile business environment, the Human Resource function is called upon to make accurate and competitive salary decisions based on sound analysis and interpretation of available information. The understanding and analysis of market trends are critical to effective benchmarking in compensation management, thereby allowing organizations to attract and retain the best talent pool available.

      This workshop focuses on how to extract more value from participating in remuneration surveys and leveraging the data to manage compensation more effectively. Besides a great learning opportunity, this workshop provides a unique platform for you to connect with your peer community and share best practices.

      • Survey familiarization.
      • Pay for position: salary structuring.
      • Analysis and presentation of data.
      • Analysis of market data and benchmarking.
      • Pay for person — setting individual pay.
      • Experiential learning and case studies.
      • Harnessing Excel to prepare your remuneration and benefits data for submission.
      • Analyze market trends.
      • Enhance your knowledge and understanding of various survey
      • reports and their applications.
      • Apply and leverage survey results to your remuneration and
      • benefits planning.
      • Present data in an effective way.
      • Utilize survey data to manage talent through benchmarking.
      • Keep up market changes to design attractive pay packages and position your organization properly in the market.
    • This workshop will benefit both HR specialists and HR managers, specifically those working in the areas of compensation and benefits, and would like to know how to find value from participating in remuneration surveys.

    • Corina Huang

      Corina Huang is a consultant with Mercer’s Information Solutions business in Singapore.

      Corina is primarily responsible for compensation surveys across the banking and finance, insurance, and energy industries on a regional basis. As a benefits champion, Corina is familiar with benefits benchmarking and evaluation. She has conducted specific compensation sponsored studies or surveys for clients.

      With extensive knowledge in salary and incentives, coupled with grounded financial institutions and energy market knowledge, Corina has experience spanning compensation benchmarking and design, as well as job evaluation and grading. She has executed major projects involving role clarification and International Position Evaluation.

      Prior to joining Mercer, Corina worked with other leading consulting firms and has experience in recruitment and compensation across Asia Pacific, focusing on the banking, insurance, and energy industries. She was extensively involved in finding the right talent and developing compensation packages.

      Corina graduated with a Bachelor of Business Management, with a double major in finance and marketing, from Singapore Management University.