Role Analysis and Job Evaluation Workshop, Singapore, Oct 10

Role Analysis and Job Evaluation Workshop, Singapore, Oct 10

Role Analysis and Job Evaluation (Mercer IPE)

10 October 2014  Singapore, Singapore

    • Role analysis is an important and critical exercise for organizations as it helps cascade overall strategic plans into company roles and responsibilities. A role analysis exercise ensures synthesis of functional objectives into areas of responsibility and makes sure that those objectives are understood down the line and capture the essence of the function. Likewise, job evaluation is critical when establishing a benchmark for compensation comparison. Organizations today are establishing best practices by using position evaluation for:


      • Identifying organizational issues and determining the need for restructuring.
      • Developing an objective reference to solve job-titling issues.
      • Creating a starting point for position/person profiles.
      • Establishing a reliable base for an equitable salary structure.
      • Identify the differences between a role and a job.
      • Learn the steps to role analysis.
      • Acquire job-evaluation methods and position-matching skills.
      • Establish the relative worth of jobs and their fit in the hierarchy.
      • Use job evaluation results for benchmarking compensation and benefits practices. 
    • Attend this workshop if your organization is going through a role-analysis and/or job-evaluation exercise or if you are an HR professional who would like to understand more about role analysis and job evaluation. 

    • Shuchi Tyagi joined Mercer as a consultant in Human Capital. Based in Singapore, she is involved in all areas of the Human Capital practice, which include broad-based rewards management, executive remuneration, and talent management.

      Shuchi has five years of diverse line and consulting experience spanning development and implementation of business and human capital strategy. At Mercer, Shuchi¹s consulting experience spans rewards, talent management, and manpower studies.

      Shuchi is experienced in job evaluation, benchmarking, and salary structure design across both public- and private-sector organizations. Some of her recent projects include global compensation benchmarking for a company across 16 countries and job evaluation, market benchmarking, and salary structure design for statutory boards and public-sector organizations in Singapore.

      Shuchi has a Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) from the University of Mumbai, India. She earned her Masters of Business Management from NMIMS, also in Mumbai.