Total Rewards Strategy | Singapore, Sep 24

Total Rewards Strategy | Singapore, Sep 24

Total Rewards Strategy

24 September 2014  Singapore, Singapore


    • Employee remuneration is now being discussed in terms of not just pay and allowances but also of non-cash benefits, career development, and work/life balance. Employers are developing total rewards strategies involving employee engagement, retention, and motivation, while not forgetting key values and behaviors. This workshop will outline remuneration principles and practices and their links to organizational performance.

    • • The concept of total rewards (four perspectives).
      • What needs to be covered in a pay policy.
      • Optimizing the link between performance, rewards, and benefits.
      • Issues to consider when designing and implementing your rewards strategy.

    • • Align your rewards strategy with business strategy.
      • Implement a total rewards strategy.
      • Differentiate rewards strategies across your organization.
      • Ensure sustainability of your rewards strategy over time.

    • This workshop is designed for HR leaders who are involved in talent management, as well as for employee remuneration specialists and professionals who want to understand and gain an overview of total rewards.