We are pleased to cordially invite you to attend Mercer 2021 HR Rendezvous.


We will be sharing insights on the latest staffing trends and rewards from the 2021 Indonesia Total Remuneration Survey (TRS). Also, our subject experts will be sharing on how employee listening and benefit is critical to retain and attract talents especially in the era of the great resignation. 

Webcast Details

Date: Monday, 13 Dec 2021


Time: 14:00-16:30 WIB 


Language: English


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14:00-14:05 - Welcome

14:05-14:15 - Opening by Godelieve van Dooren

14:15-14:25 - Employee Listening by Marieke van Raaij 

14:25-14:35 - Q&A

14:35-15:10 - Employee Benefit by Ardianto Utomo and Ibrahim Rachman

15:10-15:20 - Q&A

15:20-16:05 - Sharing session on Rewards by Astrid Suryapranata

16:05-16:20 - Q&A

16:20-16:30 - Feedback and Closing

Meet your speakers:


Godelieve van Dooren

CEO Southeast Asia Growth Markets 



Astrid Suryapranata

Indonesia Market Leader 



Marieke van Raaij

Regional Employee Engagement Solutions Leader

Ardianto Utomo

Vice President - Mercer Marsh Benefits at PT. Marsh Indonesia

Ibrahim Rachman

Consulting Manager  





Contact us for further detail about Mercer Indonesia 2021 HR Rendezvous:


Yosef Budiman
+62 21 2975 8045


Jennifer Wirawan
+62 8193 2220 357