Building A Better Employee Experience

  • RECORDED WEBCAST: 27 November 2019



    Employee experience is a concept that’s taking the HR community by storm. But what does that really mean? Is it just the latest buzzword, or is it here to stay? 

    With companies facing increased talent issues at every end of the spectrum, from attraction to retention, it’s clear that something needs to change.

    Join our Webinar on Wednesday, 27 November at 1:00pm Singapore Time to learn:

    • How HR can make a mindset shift to think differently about how they design employee programs and processes
    • What we’re hearing from employees about the pain points in their current experience, based on employee research insights
    • Ideas to enhance the experience and drive outcomes, such as engagement and retention

    In addition, you will take away new ideas for how you can put people at the heart of design to deliver better experiences for your employees.


    Lewis Garrad 
    Employee Experience and Engagement Practice Leader, Career, Singapore 

    Georgina Lee 
    Corporate Office Leader at Pacific Market,Career, Melbourne 

    Darryl Parrant 
    North Asia Transformation Expert, Career, Hong Kong  


Title: Building A Better Employee Experience

Language: English

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