Building future-fit workforce with Virtual Assessment Center

  • LIVE WEBCAST: 24 April 2020


We understand that businesses are in distress with the unforeseen circumstances caused by the COVID-19. Its spread has been global and has impacted practically all spheres of life. As a proud contributor to the Indonesian Community, Mercer is committed to putting forward our best teams in ASEAN to help you manage and limit the impact of COVID-19 on your people and businesses.


Join Mercer on our live webinar on Friday, 24 April where we will share how our online suite of scientifically validated tools & assessments can help you fulfil your talent needs remotely. Learn how to get your planned assessments on track, eliminate logistics hassles and manage costs.

Why attend?

Join us to learn how online assessments and development centers can assist you in the following aspects of your employee journey:  

  • Identifying high potentials
  • Leadership hiring and succession planning
  • Identifying training needs
  • Leadership development

Managing the safety and well-being of your employees are of utmost importance, our digital solutions will ensure your productivity is safeguarded and your employees are engaged. 


  • Ashutosh Pandey
    Business Head
    MercerMettl Indonesia

  • Leonardus Mikael
    Sr. Manager of Consulting Sales

Guest speaker

  • Dharma Syahputra 
    Director of Human Capital & General Affairs
    PT Kimia Farma Tbk 




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