Designing an effective employee listening strategy for COVID-19

  • LIVE WEBCAST: 27 August 2020


Talking to your employees is an effective way to make them feel supported. Make use of listening, learning and connecting approaches to give your employees a voice on the COVID-19 topic. Understand how they’re experiencing this time of great uncertainty and how you can take efficient supportive action. 

To help employers reach out to their employees during this time, Mercer has prepared a packaged solution that consist of:


  • A targeted pulse survey is one efficient way for organizations to assess employee experiences, perceptions, and sentiments related to the health crisis, identify their concerns and help prioritize action items.
  • To foster dialogue, allow employees to share their voice freely, and react to sentiments shared by their colleagues, companies can activate digital focus groups that encourage two-way communication, providing an opportunity to crowdsource insights in an exploratory environment and identify measures that need to be implemented.
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  • Title: Designing an effective employee listening strategy for COVID-19

  • Date: 27 August 2020

  • Language: English

  • Time: 04:30 PM - 05:30 PM SGT