Covid-19 has become the accelerator for one of the great workplace and digital transformation of our lifetime. Its spread has been global and has impacted practically all spheres of life. How do organizations enhance their talent pool digitally and ensure productivity is safeguarded to limit the impact of COVID-19 on their people and businesses?

Join us in a complimentary webinar on Friday, 30 April at 2pm where we will share how our online suite of scientifically validated tools and assessments can help you fulfil your talent needs remotely. 

Why attend


Learn how online assessments can assist you in:

  • Digital transformation and how it impacts the way work is operated
  • The importance of information technology and landscape of data profession
  • Digital assessment for information technology and data profession recruitment




Kanyarat Chanyapunsab, Career Consulting Leader

Kawinna Sanusan, Career Consultant