The 2021 Global Pandemic Survey Series on vaccines has been completed and we would like to take this opportunity to share the Philippines results with you on Thursday, 20 May 2021 at 3pm.

With several vaccines approved, 2021 started with a welcome dose of optimism. But given the complexity of rolling out a mass vaccination program, the spread of a new coronavirus strain, and renewed movement restrictions, there remain many difficult months ahead. As with the initial response to the pandemic, employers have an important role to play in providing guidance and support to employees at this critical juncture. 

Why attend


In this webinar we discuss the following topics:


  • The current vaccination landscape
  • Philippines vaccines survey result
  • How employers can respond and support their workforce
  • How Mercer Marsh Benefits can help
  • Provider panel discussion and Q&A session



  • Teng Alday, CEO Mercer Philippines
  • Rohan Muralee, Senior Vice President, Marsh Mercer Benefits 
  • Dr. Carrianne Ewe, Technical Director, Philippines, International SOS
  • Racquel Cagurangan, VP Operations, Aventus 
  • Manuel Montinola, Executive Office - Office of the President, Unilab, Inc.