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Behavioral Competencies In the Workplace

A handbook designed for HR professionals for implementing competency frameworks

The battle to hire the best candidates is fiercer than ever and securing a hire for the long-term is particularly challenging now for HR. The reason can be attributed to adopting an unstructured hiring process. After a candidate clears the written test for a specific job role, personal characteristics are often sidelined but analyzing these can help in creating a carefully refined candidate pool. Developing a behavioral competency framework which can act as a benchmark to assess if new hires are a good fit culturally is critical.

Behavioral competencies are the collective knowledge, attitude, and actions an individual possesses in a business setting across all job levels. While some skills are innately present in everyone, others develop them over time through experience. But how should HR measure if someone is resilient, self-aware, impulsive or temperamental? Learn how to implement these frameworks at work and download the handbook now.

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