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The Time is Now for Employee Engagement in Indonesia

Organizations today need to be agile and have an always-on approach in each aspect of their employee interaction.


Employees and employers are like two sides to a coin, and employee retention and company growth can be achieved only if both sides work together. Employee engagement programs have formed the core of many companies’ growth strategy. However, unlike in Hong Kong and Singapore, employee engagement programs are a fairly new concept in Indonesia — but they are quickly gaining ground. A recent survey by Effectory International found that Asia (6.9) scored below the global average of 7.0 in implementation of employee engagement programs. However, Indonesia (7.4) fared better than most Asian countries in the survey, with only India and Thailand faring better.


But ground realities speak otherwise. Several studies are being conducted to document the needs and wants of employees in Indonesia. That said, most of these studies are being conducted by a particular group in an organization with a certain objective in mind and may not cover detailed feedback from the employees. Moreover, these surveys are being conducted only once in two or three years. Separately, to safeguard their interests, many managers, mostly from local enterprises and government agencies in Indonesia, are not willing to accept the truth about disgruntled and unfocused employees. This has led to several instances where employees are not willing to take the surveys, resulting in misleading data coming out in the market.



Isdar Marwan
Isdar Marwan,
Director Career Services, Mercer Indonesia

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