of companies are amending their rewards structure to adapt to the “new norm”


of respondents have revised the original bonus budget due to the COVID-19 situation


of companies are prioritizing people-related initiatives

Amidst unprecedented global business impact, companies and people are slowly returning to work. How do organizations chart a course to maneuver through these rough times and stay afloat, despite being plagued with volatility?

We have listened to businesses in Malaysia and identified three areas of concern: employee wellbeing, workforce optimization and rewards evaluation. To help you and your organization to find the right direction, we have pulled together resources to support you to get a head start to shape the new reality and set the path for your business to be future ready.

Three ways to shape the new reality

Shaping the new reality requires addressing three new focus areas: 

Meet the challenges of recovery and set the path for your organization to be future-ready by identifying where you might be struggling, and how you can improve.


For a limited time, we will conduct a complimentary assessment and help you understand your current state, embrace the new normal and carry on strongly, despite the ongoing challenges.

Resources to help you


Set your organization on the path towards better business continuity and remain future-ready. Watch these complimentary webinars on demand, to find out how businesses are coping with the new reality.

Featured content

Use these resources to identify what your organization is doing well, and how you can do better.  

How we can help

These solutions can help you identify ways to improve employee wellbeing, cope with workforce optimization and ensure appropriate rewards evaluation.

Employee wellbeing

Using Sirota, our employee engagement survey, we can help you slice and dice data as the core of an effective employee listening program. Or hold online conversations with up to 1,000 employees at a time with Remesh.

Workforce Optimization

Now is the time to identify the best route forward with our Mercer Mettl technology enabled talent assessment, Job Evaluation Lite program, Basic Competency Model Development or Mercer Learning service.

Rewards Evaluation

To attract, motivate and retain employees, even in tough times, Mercer’s Pay Band Tool, Executive Remuneration Review, Total Remuneration Survey or Short-Term or Sales Incentives Plan Design can help.


Book a complimentary review to see how well your organization is performing, compared with your peers, and where you can improve. 

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