Indonesia is rapidly digitizing. From startups to warungs (family-owned small businesses), astute Indonesian companies are investing in digital tools to safeguard their future. For the technology to be truly effective, however, having the right people is as crucial as ever. Mercer understands the challenges in finding the right people and reskilling existing employees and we are using a range of tech solutions to help you and your business. 

The technology revolution in Indonesia

Across the country, artificial intelligence, automation and investment in digitization are changing how we work and supporting commercial activities during the pandemic. 


Beyond Covid-19, technology is improving efficiency in general and in some cases — such as the huge success of the ride-hailing app, Gojek — fundamentally transforming individual industries.


The digital revolution is not only endorsed by the Indonesian government,  but is also being bolstered and accelerated by significant injections of investment capital.  As digitization gains momentum, it is vital for companies to roadmap their technology transformation now if they are not already doing so.


Technology investment is only one component of the digital revolution. Companies also need to hire and retain the right people with the right future-ready skills.  

Redefining ‘right’

As the Indonesian economy recovers, your business will need talented people to help you make the most of opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.


Finding the “right” talent begins with building the “right” competency framework and success profiles, but we know that pinning down what that actually means can be challenging given that the digital economy is constantly evolving and growing in complexity. Mercer|Mettl has helped many companies tackle this issue, though. We know hiring the “right” people means understanding their future-readiness potential. 


Not everyone has that potential, however. Take traditional high potentials (HiPos), for example. Only some of them from the pre-digital transformation landscape will have the learning agility required to thrive through significant changes, so companies must rethink the skills HiPos will need in their redefined future. Do you know how to assess your current employees for future-readiness potential? How would you build talent pipelines with new HiPos? How would you build smarter teams and cross-functional capabilities? And do you have a data-backed retention strategy?

Securely assessing the people you need

In our recent survey,  100% of the organizations polled said they are using online talent acquisition and assessment tools in external hiring. But it is important to note that not all assessment tools have the same functions and performance capability. For example, the integrity of online testing is a real challenge for many businesses. 


In our geographically dispersed country — and particularly now when social distancing is a necessity — how can you make certain the person being assessed is really the candidate under consideration? Mercer|Mettl’s market-leading platform offers you certainty when it comes to security. We have a range of proctoring solutions, including live proctoring and biometric candidate authentication. How does your talent acquisition and assessment tool stack up in comparison? 

Other key questions to ask when you are choosing a talent acquisition and assessment tool:

  1. Are your competency frameworks and success profiles customizable? 

  2. How thorough is your understanding of your candidates? Does your assessment tool determine personality, cognitive and behavioral traits as well as competencies? Can your platform predict their future potential? 

  3. Are your analytical reports flexible and do you have the data you need to make the right decisions? 

  4. How secure is your assessment process? Does it protect against cheating, malpractices and data theft? And is it fully encrypted?

Growing your own talent

An overwhelming 96% of Indonesian businesses indicate a strong preference for developing in-house talent rather than hiring externally, according to our survey. This preference makes sense in terms of both employee engagement and employer branding. 


To grow the talent they need, companies should be building targeted employee reskilling programs that keep up with, and stay ahead of, the changing technological landscape. 


In reskilling for the future, looking to the future is essential. Some key considerations for companies in the process include:


  • Defining the skills you will need 
  • Forming a skills overview of your company through organizational
    development plans
  • Identifying agile learners for specialized skills training  
  • Building targeted plans for employees that cover both strengths and areas for development

How we can help

At Mercer|Mettl, we believe technology + people = brighter. We know how to help you find and assess the people you need and we have the technology to enable your talent-acquisition strategy. More than efficiency, we will deliver a holistic, customizable and secure assessment framework with powerful analytics, so you can make better people decisions and grow your business. 

Isdar Andre Marwan
Career Services Director

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