2019 World Economic Forum—Daily Mercer Dispatch
Monday, 21 January

2019 World Economic Forum—Daily Mercer Dispatch for Monday, 21 January 2019

On Monday, our Mercer and MMC teams arrived at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting to connect with clients and government and business leaders. As the week of collaboration and discovery got under way, the MMC dinner made for an energetic start to our ambitious agenda. Over the next few days, our team is focused on the key drivers of economic growth being discussed here at the WEF: talent, financial stability, and the role of cities. After all, the global risks and opportunities in our rapidly changing world of work require robust conversations and solutions that reflect the new realities of living, learning and earning longer.

Key Themes Around WEF Today

  1. Cities are driving innovation and acting as talent hubs. As one speaker put it, we need to recognize that the more valuable talent is, the more mobile it is. However, companies cannot create quality of life; they rely on cities for this.  
  2. We must recognize employee education and training as an investment today for an economic payoff tomorrow. 
  3. Our view must shift from one where we see education in any form as valuable, to one where we view the value of learning based on its alignment to skills needed in the future workplace and its ROI. 
  4. Cyber security is the most popular “learning track” at this year’s WEF conference, with human capital issues next most popular. 

Seen & Heard

Pat Milligan, Senior Partner and co-founder of our When Women Thrive research, prepping for Tuesday morning’s breakfast session— Celebrating Five Years of When Women Thrive:  Empowering People, Companies and Societies to Thrive — with Dan Glaser, MMC President and CEO, who joins a leadership dialogue and Martine Ferland, incoming President and CEO of Mercer, who opens the session.  

Current Mercer President and CEO, Julio Portalatin, fielding thoughts from fellow colleagues ahead of his appearance on a Living, Learning and Earning Longer panel Tuesday afternoon where he’ll tackle issues such as the intersection of AI and aging, the role of technology in upskilling, wellness and financial security, and the need for collaborative partnerships across business, governments and NGOs. He’s looking forward to joining a distinguished panel of fellow thought leaders and old friends, including Jo Ann Jenkins, Chief Executive Officer, AARP; Roger Crandall, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company; Ron Mock, Chief Executive Officer, Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan; and Paulo Guedes, Minister of Economy of Brazil.

Renee McGowan, CEO of Asia, Mercer speaking with Julio Portalatin about his planned opening remarks for Mercer’s Wednesday breakfast session: Change Challenge: Fast 4.0-Ward to a Secure Future