On-site Clinics: Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

The use of on-site clinics has been growing in recent years with businesses realising the potential for giving access to quality and timely care, contributing an increase in productivity, reducing absenteeism and improving employee health.

But, are you reaping the full benefits of your on-site clinics? Or, are you just focused on meeting legislative requirements? There are three key things which you can do to unlock the full potential of your on-site clinics. In a recent Worksite Medical Clinics Survey, employers with on-site clinics saw a return on investment (ROI) of 1.5 or higher. If you’re not seeing similar returns, it may be because your on-site clinic isn’t moving beyond basic requirements.

Create a patient-centered clinic

Ensure the services offered by the clinic are suited to your employees. This will eliminate unnecessary spend on under-utilized services and steer you toward investments that will bring a greater sense of satisfaction, positive health outcomes for your employees and consequently a positive impact on your bottom line. Understand what your employee population looks like – age, gender and nature of work, as this will play a large role in understanding what type of health and social care services as well as specialists are needed.

In addition to demographic information, it’s critical to understand the health needs of your employees – for instance, which common illnesses are prevalent and need to be better managed, which key lifestyle risks need to be averted through education or preventative services.

Communicate the value

The adage of ‘if you build it, they will come’ might not be the best way to yield the desired ROI in this case. It’s important to shape communications around services offered on-site by highlighting the value they bring to employees: convenience and easy access to care, coordination and orientation towards quality providers, early detection of illnesses, etc.  Effective communication will bring increased utilization and early detection, maximizing your investment as an employer while also contributing to the well-being of your employees.

On-site Clinic: the wellness hub

When on-site clinics are designed and managed correctly, there’s a high return for both employer and employee. Well-designed clinics can play a real gatekeeping role, coordinating employee pathways towards high quality providers and wellness vendors. They can also directly provide prevention and employee education services, which are key to avoid acute and costly care events.  

At Mercer, we help clients implement the 4-C model of effective on-site clinic management. This extends the value of your clinic from meeting legislative requirements to allowing employers to deliver quality health services that focus on value to the employee.

To maximize your on-site clinic, reach out to us today.

Dr. Avneet Kaur
by Dr. Avneet Kaur

Consultant, Mercer Marsh Benefits

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