Employee engagement has become a critical topic for HR over the last 10 years especially for Indonesia. Being the largest economy in South East Asia and the world’s fourth most populous nation, there are concerns from businesses in Indonesia on the productivity of their employees.  This year, we have refreshed and simplified our perspective on Indonesia’s Employee Engagement landscape. In this report, we look to identify some positive bright spots as well as key issues and challenges that employees in Indonesia experience at work. In the following pages, you will find useful insights in these 2 main sections:


  • Bright spots: There are 3 themes around employees feeling valued and respected at work, knowing what is being expected from them as well as and feeling supported and encouraged by close emotional connections, and a strong sense of community and collaboration.

  • Hot spots: There are 3 themes workplace stressors due to inefficient processes and procedures, blurred career paths and excessive workload which leads to difficulties achieving work-life balance.

Through this analysis, it is our hope that you will see some of the unifying opportunities across Indonesia which can be used to further strengthen the competitiveness of businesses and the economy. 

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