A Quick Fix to Employee Benefit Costs — Asia

A Quick Fix to Employee Benefit Costs — Asia

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A Quick Fix to Employee Benefit Costs — Asia Report

Health care costs have been one of the top concerns of employers for much of the last decade, as health care costs have continued to outpace inflation.

Employers often bear the burden of these costs for their employees and their dependents. However, they need to take a more proactive approach if their program is to be competitive and sustainable.

  • What’s the root cause driving these benefit cost increases in Asia?
  • How can employers leverage the valuable data available to them to tackle the root cause of their problem?
  • Are there 'quick fixes' that employers can put in place to manage rising program costs in the short term?
  • What actions can employers take to ensure the long term sustainability of their benefits programs?

We’re pleased to share the Mercer Marsh Benefits perspective with you in our Asia report.

 Joan Collar
 Mercer Marsh Benefits Regional Leader Marsh, Asia
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 Cecilia Deasy
 Partner, Employee Health and Benefits Asia, Mercer
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