Empathetic Employee Engagement: Putting Yourself in Your Employees’ Shoes

An empathetic approach to employee engagement may sound fairly simple as a concept, but ensuring it’s executed effectively requires a major shift away from the more traditional methods that most organisations have adopted. But some might ask, “Aren’t we being empathetic when we conduct employee engagement surveys to better understand our employees’ experience at work?” Well, yes, to a certain extent — but in reality, the survey is only the first step. The principle of empathy should apply not only to the survey process, but to all aspects of the employee engagement journey, especially to post-survey-related activities such as action planning. Any interventions driven as a result of action planning, need to be immersed in the employee context, and organizations therefore need to rely on the ‘voice of the employee’ at every stage of the process of designing these interventions. ‘Focus groups’ are often not representative of the needs of the multitude of micro-segments in the employee population from a socio-demographic and preferences standpoint.

A key part of an organisation becoming more empathetic is by strengthening its analyses of the employee experience through journey mapping and blueprinting — to illustrate the journey of an employee over time. Other components are sometimes added, such as high points (moments that garner the highest reception from employees), breakdowns (areas that likely may receive varying degrees of receptiveness, leading to lower positive perception from some employees), emotions (employees’ psychological reactions to certain changes, which employers can anticipate by defining employee personas) and touchpoints (the connection between the various parts of a holistic employee experience within an organisation). This helps us understand the building blocks of engagement that are unique to each organisation, and reveal the processes that are delivering highly engaging experiences for employees.

Andy Leung
by Andy Leung

Principal – Career Business, Mercer Hong Kong

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