Established in Japan for decades as a preeminent consulting firm, Mercer has partnered with leading Japanese multinationals in advancing the health, wealth and careers of their most important assets — their people. As these multinationals continue to expand their global footprint, our consultants are uniquely positioned to combine this expertise with our own global reach to understand and address the talent-related challenges they face. An increasing number of Japanese companies are looking to establish regional headquarters and shared services operations in Southeast Asia. To partner with these companies in their transformation journey, we’ve brought together a dedicated team of experts for Japanese business, based here in Asia.

Our Japanese clients can benefit from:

  • Our deep understanding of Japanese business culture, trends and issues
  • Our unique service model — local teams of experts supported by experienced Japanese consultants
  • Our track record of successfully partnering with Japanese clients across industries such as automotive, chemical, electronics, food and beverage, and healthcare
  • Our global network and strong connections with Mercer offices in Japan and worldwide, ensuring clear communication is maintained with our clients at home and abroad

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Eka Sarmaja, I Gde
Mercer Retirement Services
Mercer Japanese Business Advisory — Indonesia

Kazuko Lelieveld
Mercer Talent Information Solutions
Mercer Japanese Business Advisory — Hong Kong

Vince Wang
Mercer Employee Health and Benefits
Mercer Japanese Business Advisory — Taiwan

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