Compensation Reports

How do you balance budgets and offer appropriate compensation packages to keep employees motivated, especially in challenging times? Use these publications to plan or compare local, regional and global compensation. From experienced employee remuneration to new graduate starting salaries, we have the insights you need.

  • Malaysia Policies & Practices Report (PDF)

    Time to review your employment policies or practices? Get in-depth insights on salary increase forecasts, attrition rates, hot jobs, graduates’ starting salaries, medical coverage, insurance policies, short and long-term incentive practices and more.

    Price per industry Price*
    General Industry RM 5,300
    High Tech RM 5,300
    Consumer Goods RM 5,300
    Life Sciences RM 5,300
    Retail RM 5,300
    Shared Services & Outsourcing     RM 5,300

    *6% SST is inclusive in the price

  • Malaysia Market Regression Report (PDF)

    Compare salaries, job families and sectors with our Market Regression Report which covers annual base salary, annual guaranteed cash, annual total cash, and annual total remuneration. This robust research analysis with market trend lines is particularly helpful to consult when designing salary ranges.

    Price per industry Price*
    General Industry RM 8,480
    High Tech RM 8,480
    Life Sciences RM 8,480
    Retail RM 8,480
    Shared Services & Outsourcing     RM 8,480

    *6% SST is inclusive in the price

  • Malaysia Benchmark Position Report (Excel)

    How does your business compare? This exhaustive report covers compensation data for more than 1,000 positions and titles. Use the data in this report to keep your employees motivated, effective and competitively-paid. Or let the data help you make changes to attract top talent and stay competitive.

    Price per industry Price*
    General Industry RM 13,250
    High Tech RM 13,250
    Life Sciences RM 13,250
    Retail RM 13,250
    Shared Services & Outsourcing     RM 13,250

    *6% SST is inclusive in the price

  • Malaysia Market Value Services (PDF)

    Thousands of clients have used our market benchmarking services to research competitive compensation for individual jobs or groups of jobs for specific market sectors and industries. Working with our analyst to define the competitive labor market we research the competitive market using reliable published survey information from multiple credible sources, including Mercer’s own suite of compensation surveys. Combined with our extensive knowledge of the marketplace, we summarize the information in a user-friendly report and help you interpret the information to help meet your needs. We are your definitive compensation benchmarking information source.

    Price: RM 4,000 per position

  • Benefits Spotlight Report (PDF)

    Keep up to date with the latest trends in benefits package design. This essential report includes key benefits and statutory information such as annual leave, work life balance, medical, insurance, vehicle policies, flexible benefit plans and more. Use it to help determine a competitive remuneration and benefits strategy that is fit-for-purpose, flexible and adequate.

    Price*: RM 4,770

    *6% SST is inclusive in the price


  • Mercer Benefits Monitor

    Keep track of market and statutory changes with Mercer BenefitsMonitor™ (MBM). Stay abreast with how other organizations are dealing with these issues. With coverage across 17 APAC countries, you can run a standard report or benchmark against your competitors. MBM is your one-stop HR information source to customize an indefinite number of reports, as you need them.

    Product Price*
    Standard RM 6,360
    Standard plus      RM 8,215
    Premium RM 12,720  

    *6% SST is inclusive in the price

  • Flexible Working Policies (PDF)

    Discovering what’s sustainable long-term is key to fully identifying short-term flexibility decisions vs. a long-term plan. Your company’s perspective and your employee’s expectations may differ, thoughtful planning and taking these considerations into account will help enable a more flexible approach to work.

    Price*: RM 10,600

    *6% SST is inclusive in the price


Talent Assessment

How do you ensure you have the right talent in your organisation at the right time? Hiring the right people, and developing the existing workforce so that they have the skills the organisation needs is a critical area of attention for all business and HR leaders today. Our suite of talent assessment solutions and tools help organisations get the right talent and the right skills at the right time.

  • Psychometric/Personality Assessments

    Assessment tools used to objectively measure an individuals personality traits, aptitude, intelligence, abilities and behavioral style. Psychometric assessments are widely used in career guidance and employment to match a persons abilities and personality to a suitable career or role.

    Price: RM 4,116

    • One-off set up fee: MYR2,100
    • Min. Participants: 20 pax (Variable. Cost will change based on changes to no. of pax @ MYR100.80 per pax) 
    • Individual assessment reports automatically configured into assessments
  • Behavioural Assessments

    Measure Behavioral Competencies in a Simulated Work Environment. These assessments require candidates to demonstrate their Behavioral skills in an activity that resembles an actual organizational situation.

    Price: RM 4,116

    • One-off set up fee: MYR2,100
    • Min. Participants: 20 pax (Variable. Cost will change based on changes to no. of pax @ MYR100.80 per pax) 
    • Individual assessment reports automatically configured into assessments
  • Cognitive/Aptitude Assessments

    Cognitive ability tests are relevant in predicting learnability & job performance and are hence an integral part of an organisation's learning and development strategy. Mettl's Cognitive test can be customised for use.

    Price: RM 2,856

    • One-off set up fee: MYR2,100
    • Min. Participants: 20 pax (Variable. Cost will change based on changes to no. of pax @ MYR37.80 per pax) 
    • Individual assessment reports automatically configured into assessments

Health and Benefits

Promoting holistic wellbeing and a physical health has always been a business priority. Our suite of wellbeing solutions and tools help you to maximize the effectiveness of your organisation mental wellness program.

  • Wellness Days

    Wellness Days is a customizable monthly/bi-monthly communications plan for employees throughout the year. Not only it ties to the relevant scenarios on a global scale but also links to benefits, reminding your employees on your company's support. Wellness Days has more than 30 topics available, each with email newsletter and e-poster available for you to assign any month of your choice.

    MYR 35,000/year for Monthly communications 

    MYR 25,000/year for Bi-monthly communications

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  • Investigate budget modelling, cost optimisation and compensation
  • Understand market employment pricing and practices during COVID-19
  • Compare and contrast scenarios with remuneration deviation reports
  • Impartially review executive remuneration and sales incentives
  • Find creative and employee-centric ways to reward and engage staff during challenging times.

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