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The executive rewards and governance landscape is increasingly complex. These programs need to attract key talent, motivate appropriate performance, and create an alignment with business imperatives and other talent strategies.

At the same time, scrutiny abounds from shareholders, proxy advisors, governments, and the media, who are demanding that executive pay be aligned with performance and appropriate levels of risk taking.

Mercer’s executive rewards consultants are trusted advisors to public- and private-company senior management and boards of directors. Mercer’s Executive Compensation professionals provide best-in-class expertise in the areas of executive and director compensation and benefits, pay-performance alignment, and corporate governance.

Secure and motivate executive talent

Having the right leaders for your organization may be the most critical driver of success. Mercer can help you attract, retain, and motivate the critical global and local executive talent needed for long-term organizational excellence.

We help organizations determine compensation levels that align with their strategic talent needs and relevant talent comparators. Our advisors achieve measurable impacts on performance, efficiency, and risk management by developing cash and equity compensation programs that serve the interests of executives, owners, and the organization while managing the growing complexity of regulations, legislation and shareholder demands.

Executive rewards with a sound foundation

Our executive compensation and rewards advisory services are founded on:

  • A collaborative approach: Our consultants use their knowledge and experience to provide advice and counsel, not just data.
  • Multiple viewpoints: We consider shareholder, board member, company, and employee perspectives while reflecting both external and competitive realities.
  • Market data: We utilize executive market data from all relevant sources to meet your needs and custom design survey instruments and analytics on specific issues. Our information solutions for executive remuneration combine Mercer compensation survey data for executive positions.
  • Objectivity: We have established global business standards to manage potential conflicts of interest inherent in advising boards of directors and management on executive rewards issues.
How We Can Help

Let us shape your executive compensation and rewards programs with Mercer’s expert consulting and comprehensive data, trusted by many firms before you.

  • Improve your ability to attract, retain, and motivate key executive talent.
  • Align pay with your organization’s strategic needs and relevant talent comparators.
  • Realize value in ownership transactions.
  • Keep compliant with regulatory, legislative, and shareholder requirements and guidelines.

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Mercer Experts

Meet our executive rewards experts in Asia.

Kevin Ong

Kevin Ong
T: +65 6398 2634
Kevin leads Executive Remuneration practice in South East Asia. Kevin advises board and remuneration committees of their executive compensation and corporate governance solutions. His expertise in the region include Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.


Nishant Mahajan
T: +65 6398 2792
Nishant heads the Executive Remuneration and Reward Consulting practice for Singapore. He has spent the last 14 years advising Remuneration Committees and Senior Management teams on how to improve the ROI on their reward spend, making reward programmes more effective for both employees and shareholders.


Bryan Shon

Bryan Shon
T: +6563982833
Bryan is a project lead of Mercer’s Executive Remuneration team, covering both Singapore and the South East Asia region. He delivers solutions on topics including executive compensation, incentive design, equity plan valuation and total remuneration benchmarking.


Cheryl Er
T: +6563982566
Cheryl is a consultant with Mercer’s Executive Remuneration team in Singapore. She has extensive experience in the design, implementation and review of Board and executive rewards frameworks and incentive plans.


Hans Kothuis, PhD
T: +852 3476 3817
Hans Kothuis, a partner in Mercer's Hong Kong office, is Mercer's Executive Rewards practice leader for Asia, Middle East, and Africa. Hans has 20 years of senior consulting experience in executive and broad-based compensation.


Robert Li
T: +852 3476 3917
Robert Li is the Talent consulting business leader based in Hong Kong. He has over 25 years of experience in executive compensation, broad-based rewards, board advisory, and the people side of M&A.


Shawn Li
T: +852 3476 3908
Shawn Li is a principal based in Hong Kong, with over 10 years of experience in consulting across Mainland China, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong. He is a Certified Compensation Professional and received his MBA from Oxford University.

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