Source: *2021 Global Talent Trends Study


Is your HR ready for a new world economy?

The world of work continues to change rapidly. HR professionals who are unable to keep up and stay relevant will be left behind. It’s no longer possible to have meaningful careers in HR by standing still and that’s why employee development programs have become essential.

Skills are the new currency

Our Talent Trends 2021 research shows that a focus on skills is the number-one driver of organizational change and as HR functions transform, HR must focus on building digital capabilities and critical skills to become a vital partner in the future of work.

This is where we can help. We approach HR upskilling differently than most. 


We want your team to become an essential business function, leading the way in delivering bottom-line results. We’re here to future-proof your HR team through thorough and insightful human resources training programs.

Professional development: Transforming HR for the future


Having a trusted partner with the expertise — backed by global intellectual capital — to help you make sense of your HR team’s required learning pathways is essential.


Mercer Learning’s blended curriculum supports HR with critical skills, including reskilling and upskilling core and future competencies, to accelerate development and address learning needs across topics and career stages.


In partnership with Mercer Mettl, we offer evidence-based learning and skills assessments to help you understand where the gaps are and to design and execute the learning roadmaps your team needs.

  Why Mercer Learning?


Global perspective and

local insight

Practice-driven content written by subject matter experts

Essential and actionable
skills in key HR themes,
plus future skills**


  ** Identified by Mercer's Global Talent Trends research

Mercer certified and

accredited by several industry bodies, including


Accessible across multiple platforms, with global training locations in more than 30 countries, available in local languages

Workshops &
Virtual Programs


  • Practical and experiential content delivered by Mercer experts
  • Programs aligned to career pathways



  • Extensive HR and critical skills curriculum
  • Courses curated by subject matter experts and top institutions
  • Self-paced and convenient

Customized in-house workshops


  • Learning tailored to your organization
  • Curriculum linked to organization strategy and talent agenda


Partner with us to upskill and reskill your HR team for the future. Find Mercer Learning courses and workshops in your county



  • Fundamentals of Compensation And Rewards Analytics Using Excel

    Discount Offer: Enjoy 50% off the second course you register for

    2023 Workshop Dates: Mar 22nd & 23rd, May 17th & 18th, Aug 16th & 17th, Nov 22nd & 23rd

    Time: 9:00am to 1:00pm 

    Registration Fee: MYR 2,145 + 6% SST

    • Learn key principles for organizing and structuring compensation elements.
    • Overview of 3P Compensation concept (Pay for Performance, Person & Position).
    • Basic compensation terminologies and rewards elements.
    • Apply and leverage survey results to your compensation planning.
    • Learn Excel skills to manage HR data efficiently and conduct analysis.


  • Job Evaluation: Mercer International Position Evaluation

    Discount Offer: Enjoy 50% off the second course you register for

    2023 Workshop Dates: Mar 8th & 9th, May 10th & 11th, Aug 9th & 10th, Nov 15th & 16th

    Time: 9:00am to 1:00pm

    Registration Fee: MYR 2,145 + 6% SST

    • Understand the difference between a role and a job.
    • Job evaluation methods and position matching.
    • Understand how job evaluation results can be used in HR decisions.
    • Learn about science of structure and Mercer's POV on future of job evaluation.
    • Learn Mercer's IPE methodology.


  • Competency Model Design & Utilizing Assessment Tools Effectively

    Discount Offer: Enjoy 50% off the second course you register for

    2023 Workshop Dates: Mar 15th & 16th, July 12th & 13th, Nov 29th & 30th

    Time: 9:00am to 1:00pm

    Registration Fee: MYR 2,145 + 6% SST

    • Awareness of what competencies are and what they are used for
    • Knowledge of how to build and validate a competency model
    • Determine why assessment tools are important and what they measure
    • Understand the different methods of assessment and when to use them


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