Remuneration Survey for SMEs  offers compensation data customized for small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs). It’s everything businesses love about Mercer’s Total Remuneration Survey (TRS), only sharper, brighter and lighter.


In today’s rapidly evolving economy, your business’ compensation must be competitive – to retain your key talent and to attract the talent you will need going forward. Mercer provides the most comprehensive compensation and benefits data in the world – to assist you with your compensation planning and policy development.


We heard SMEs need quicker, sharper and more specific data when you are making talent and compensation decisions, so we developed Remuneration Survey for SMEs. The solution specifically supports local SMEs in Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand. Because small and mid-sized enterprises are the backbone of these growing economies.


Remuneration Survey for SMEs  is Mercer’s latest solution to the challenges SMEs face when competing for talent, be it against industry peers, or multi-national corporations (MNCs). Whether your business is in growth mode, or in the process of corporatizing, Remuneration Survey for SMEs precision market data is indispensable. 

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Remuneration Survey for SMEs  – Built and priced for SMEs

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  1. Locally based companies in Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines. (Excluding local subsidiaries of MNCs)
  2. Individual market-specific compensation data (Excludes benefits)

Product Features


Remuneration Survey for SMEs results are delivered through Mercer’s online platform. The ready access to the data enables you to compare your company against the market. The survey results can also be downloaded in Excel for easy usage.

The relevant data

Remuneration Survey for SMEs  has the data that best reflects up to 50 of your common local jobs and labour market. Remuneration Survey for SMEs helps you analyze competitive compensation across the entire country labour market.

Survey overview

A synopsis of the market pay trends as well as a summary of the economic, political and labour trends in the country.

Policy and prevalence summary

An overview of organizations’ common policies, including salary increase forecasts, compensation mix by employee groups, as well as attrition rates and variable bonus.

Actual market data

Market analysis by job, to help you determine your competitiveness for specific high-demand roles.

Confidentiality and Quality

Mercer ensures your data is always safeguarded. All data we receive goes through a thorough quality review, ensuring you have the latest and most accurate information at your fingertips.



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